Hosting your event at the Catskills Visitor Center


It is the goal of the Catskills Visitor Center to provide the public with events and activities that are representative of natural, cultural, historic, community and agricultural resources that are available in the Catskill Park and the Catskill Watershed and will help visitors discover more about the Catskills.

Public commercial events are allowed, however such events require a permit issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Private events such as weddings, dinners, and meetings may be held at a time when the Visitor Center would normally be closed to the public. Such events may also be held during normal business hours, so long as public access to the Visitor Center is not limited or restricted. Registration and usage fees will be assessed based on the application process.

Catskills Visitor Center Event Policy

Please complete the Catskills Visitor Center Event Hosting Request Form if you would like to reserve the Visitor Center, Pavilion or other portion of the site for an event.

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